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Another component of our marriage ministry involves studies, support elements, and special sessions throughout the year just for married couples (committed couples are welcome to attend the studies and receive support items even if they are not married). These studies could include a class or series offered for several weeks, a one-time guest speaker on a specific subject matter, or a monthly email called the marriage E-Zine that includes helpful articles and links to help enrich your relationship. If you'd like to receive our monthly E-Zine, please click HERE to register.

Anger to Intimacy

Begins Sunday, January 20   |   9:30 or 11:00 am   

Did you know that spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational exhaustion lead to anger? And unresolved anger leads to sin. All couples deal with anger and how they respond (stuff it, spew it, or study it), can make all the difference in their relationship and in their lives. In From Anger to Intimacy, Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham explore this often maligned and God-given emotion that, unless dealt with, can strip us of everything we love.

In this study couples can learn the skills to:

  • resolve conflict, hurt, and pain in a healthy way
  • master their internal buttons so as to overcome feelings of anger, frustration, and rage
  • use five specific tactics to deal with anger and rage when they rear their ugly heads
  • walk in the freedom God intends by learning the three essentials of forgiveness and five keys to nurturing a forgiving spirit
  • craft the perfect apology
  • remove the roadblocks to forgiveness once and for all
  • and find answers to big questions about anger and forgiveness in their marriage

Both classes (9:30 & 11:00) will be identical - you choose which hour to attend based on which worship service you attend. Books can be purchased in the church bookstore or online (cheaper to purchase from our bookstore). And one study guide per couple is fine.

Click HERE to register for the 9:30 am class

Click HERE to register for the 11:00 am class

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