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WCUMC Marriage Ministry Blog

Helping couples re-engage and rejuvenate their marriages.
  • There is No “I” in Team
    As college football and our NFL teams continue to play through their seasons, I’m noticing an interesting trend. Granted, this could have been around forever and I’m just now noticing it. But, regardless, it’s becoming more and more prevalent. When a team is not playing well or loses a game, my Facebook feed blows up […]
  • Unfollow for a Healthy Marriage
    I unfollowed someone on Facebook recently. I’ve only used this nifty tool a handful of times over my 9+ years on Facebook, but each time I’ve appreciated the opportunity to keep a “friendship” while also keeping my sanity. You may relate to the dilemma I encountered – You have a friend on Facebook that you […]
  • Out With the Old, In With the New
    I have this funny little plant in my bathroom. Steve and I think we got it years ago when our daughter was having minor surgery. He kept it at his office for a long time, but now that he works from home so much it lives in our bathroom so it stays watered. I adore […]

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We provide helpful articles and blog posts about having a healthy marriage on our wcmarriedpeople.wordpress.com blog. You are invited to check it out! Latest posts are listed to the left.

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