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Family Devotions with Pastor Jan

A short time of reflection and prayer for all ages

2021 Daily Devotional Videos

January 2021 Devotions

2020 Daily Devotional Videos

March 2020 Devotions

Day 1 : the Angel  |  https://vimeo.com/398026940

Day 2 : Boiling Water  |  https://vimeo.com/398257901

Day 3 : Josie's Lead  |  https://vimeo.com/398647205

Day 4 : Dandelion  |  https://vimeo.com/398922843

Day 5:  Porch Light  |  https://vimeo.com/399342732

Day 6 : Crockpot  |  https://vimeo.com/399900858

Day 7 : Facetime  |  https://vimeo.com/400429156

Day 8 : Laundry room  |  https://vimeo.com/400807833

Day 9 : WC campus  |  https://vimeo.com/401153697/bff7aba544

Day 10:  Safety glasses  |  https://vimeo.com/401510409/7afa56ec22

Day 11 : Hearing aid  |  https://vimeo.com/402202009/dff61b3e64

Day 12 : Singing  |  https://vimeo.com/402551933/faa2043ab3

Day 13 : A Hug  |  https://vimeo.com/402958024

Day 14 : Small things |  https://vimeo.com/403444479/c2bdf71508

Day 15:  Landscape light  |  https://vimeo.com/403879710/5ce5e56aef

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Rev. Jan Brittain

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Kneeling on the concrete floor of a summer camp in the mountains of NC, Jan Brittain committed her life to full time Christian service at the age of 16. Of course, at that time, she did not know any women pastors and assumed her commitment would take her overseas as a missionary. But God had other plans. Jan has served churches of all sizes and in a variety of locations --- country, urban, suburban, mountain, farm, and now lake. And though, not in the way she anticipated, Jan has done her share of overseas work. She began her ministry by serving churches in Bristol, England and has done extensive work with churches in Kenya, and has preached on 4 continents. Jan’s background in Christian Education and her degree in ...