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What the Bible Says to Me About Tithing, Giving & Generosity

What the Bible Says to Me About Tithing, Giving & Generosity

If it’s your first time accepting this invitation, choose, What the Bible Says to Me About Tithing, Giving & Generosity. It will give a you a Biblical foundation for your giving.

The Holy Bible is God’s “How to Book” for everyday living. But the only way to use the scripture is to know the scripture. In this book Pastor Jan shares what the scripture shares what the Bible has said to her about this important subject and invites you to consider what it might be saying to you. Scripture texts from the Old and New Testaments are offered for your consideration. Along with Jan’s personal commentary, there is space for your personal reflection and your own specific prayers.

What Others Say to me About Tithing, Giving, & Generosity

Tithing Challenge

The Scripture teaches us to tithe to God’s kingdom work. That means that we are taught to give one tenth of our own financial blessing back to the work of God. Now, I want to be clear that tithing is not a salvation issue. Tithing is a blessing issue. When we choose to be obedient to this teaching, we open a particular channel of blessing into our lives. That blessing is unique and comes only to those who choose to be obedient to the tithe. It really is more blessed to give than to receive but I believe the greatest blessings come when we give God’s way.  Still, as is the case with all the other blessings related to giving–it is our choice. Here at Williamson’s Chapel, we made a decision a few years ago to turn back to God’s way of giving. We no longer ask our members to estimate how much they will give in the next year or turn in a pledge card. Nothing wrong with it except it’s not God’s way to fund His kingdom work in the world. God’s way is for the people He blesses to give back to Him a proportion of the material blessings He has given to them. That portion is ten percent. Statistics show that average church givers give 3%. Imagine how much good could be done if those currently giving 3% decided to give God’s way and stepped up to 10%. We want to give you a chance to be part of that–to give it a try–to attempt to give God’s way and see for yourself how His blessing will flow down upon you.

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